Who is Nordic Thunder?

Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard hails from the square state known as Wyoming, but currently calls Chicago his home. In the spring of 2006, Nordic Thunder took to the stage for the first time in a smoke filled bar in Chicago where he competed against 20 other professional air guitarists from around the Midwest, ultimately becoming Chicago’s greatest air guitarist. Two air guitar related surgeries later, along with becoming the Air Guitar World Champion, Nordic Thunder has traveled the world playing his invisible guitar. From the dunes of Qatar to the Artic Circle, Nordic Thunder spreads his message of world peace, love, and understanding through invisible guitar licks and head banging hair whips. He even captured the attention of Dr Pepper where he was proclaimed to be “One in a Billion” and appeared in several commercials of theirs that aired nationwide.

What started off as something to make his friends laugh, Justin has deemed air guitar a vessel in which has delivered him to one of his life’s purposes. That purpose is to communicate with people on an open and personal level and to preach his message of world peace; something he in fact feels is absolutely obtainable. He is able to do this by captivating his audiences whether it is through his air guitar, stage performances, or through the many opportunities he’s had to speak in front of audiences around the world.




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